Partner associations

alqatiba’s Manifesto «Alqatiba» is an independent digital web-magazine, managed by the Association “Taqallam for Freedom of Speech and Creativity”. It is issued in three languages: AR, FR and EN. This media project addresses the large public in North Africa and conveys its issues to the world, and it is based, in its editorial references, on […]

Association Tigar for equal citizenship is a feminist association defending women’s rights, created in April 2011 and aims to promote equality between women and men, to encourage women to benefit from their political, economic and social rights. The association also aims to enhance the role of women in rural areas and to involve them in […]

Radiocean:  a web radio which defends positive society through the encouragement of young leaders of initiatives which aim to embellish the reality of regional communities. Thus, it promotes independent art and encourages young unknown artists to record and broadcast their first creations.